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Descend is a puzzle game that revolve around a lantern. The goal is for Cen to escape the levels of Hell from unique bosses and difficult challenges. This puzzle game always have a challenge waiting in each level from lightning torches and sneaking around enemies. Descend is focused on its animation and sound with no dialogue with a gruesome and chilling story. 

  • Different mechanics on each level with their own twist.
  • With different puzzle aspects from expanding the radius of light and shooting fireballs.
  •  Many ways to solve each puzzle.
  • At each level, Cen has the possibility to upgrade the lantern.
  • Can decide to continue without upgrading the lantern for a more difficult challenge. 
  • Descend can be finished without a single upgrade to the lantern which has its advantages and disadvantages. 
  • There are 9 bosses with different fighting styles and multiple attacks.

D: Move Right

A: Move Left

W: Move Up

S: Move Down

Space: Interact or light fires

Shift: Run

Ctrl: Sneak

Up: Turn off or on lantern

Escape: Pause

  • Level 1:    Basic lantern mechanics.

  • Level 2:    Facing the wind.

  • Level 3:    Hidden areas.

  • Level 4:    Sneaking mechanic.

  • Level 5:    Exploration.

  • Level 6:    Spacial reasoning.

  • Level 7:    Previous mechanics.

  • Level 8:    Boss rush with new challenges.

  • Level 9:    Surviving the cold wasteland.

A puppy, Cen, has to travel down the depths of hell to return back to the world of the living. Through out the journey, Cen learns how he got in this mess and the story behind the land of the devil. It is up to Cen to interpret the story and get to the bottom of the master plan of the devil.


A curious puppy that got caught up in the devil's insidious deeds. 

Shadow Cen:

The shadow embodiment of Cen who follows Cen on his journey.

Level 2 Boss:                                                         Cleopatra: Queen of Lust

Level 3 Boss:                                                         Cerberus: Guardian of Gluttony

Level 4 Boss:                                                         Plutus: God of Greed

Level 5 Boss:                                                         Kask: The Dormant Golem

Level 6 Bosses:                                                    Tisiphone: Embodiment of Murder                                                                                                      Magaera: Embodiment of Jealousy                                                                                                      Alectno: God of War

Level 7 Boss:                                                         Minotaur: Guardian of the Labyrinth

Level 9 Boss:                                                         Lucifer: The Fallen 

TBD by October 21, 2017

October 25, 2017:            Descend is going to be live on  Kickstarter

December 25, 2017:       Descend should have a complete demo of Lv1 and Lv2                                                           with puzzles and bosses.

January 5, 2018                  Official Trailer for Descend

Late 2018:                              We hope to release Descend in late October just in                                                                time for Christmas.

Dante's Inferno:

The most obvious source of inspiration is from the epic poem, Inferno, by Dante Alighieri. 

The 9 levels in the game  correspond with the 9 Circles of Hell. The environments are similar to the poem like Limbo and the Cocytus. However, levels like Wrath take a complete 180 from the epic poem description, but still delivers the same messages. Now, how the game delivers these messages and ideas is from NES classic.

Legend of Zelda [NES]:

The game play is inspired by the Legend of Zelda on the NES. 

The simple ideas of exploring and solving puzzles corresponds with this Zelda classic. However, what the game does differently is that Descend is focused around one item, the lantern. This one weapon can be used in many ways in different situations which will create unique puzzles and environments.

Hello and we are Reversal Play Studios. Here is the team.

Executive Producer/Programmer:  Johnathen Konken

Story and Level Designer: Bruno Woodward

Music: The music was done by Mitchel Wong


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Published Oct 07, 2017


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